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Mondays, 4, 11, 18 & 25 March 2019
20:00 - 22:00
WEJśCIóWKA, Plac Teatralny 1, Toruń, Poland
Carpe Kraft, Plac Teatralny 7, Toruń, Poland

We invite you to join the common practice of playing traditional dance tunes. We play a traditional repertoire of Polish and Swedish dances as well as balfolk tunes. The session meetings are dedicated for both experienced in playing dance tunes and beginners. Dancers are very welcome at the session meetings too.

4, 11, 25 March - cafe Wejściówka
18 March - Carpe Kraft

Looking for playing traditional tunes together!

Wednesdays, 13, 20 & 27 March 2019
19:00 - 21:00
Danza Latina, ul. Długa 25 (1st floor), Toruń, Poland

We invite all willing to learn traditional dances for n obrotów dancing classes! In the classes we provide a dance explanation from beginner's and technical tips for already dancers. The plan for the meetings is related to n obrotów dancing parties and concerts to dance. It derives mostly from dance culture of Poland, Sweden and french balfolk. You can participate in both, or only in the first or second part.

Admission conditions for one hour of classes:

Organizational guidelines:

IMPORTANT! We change the place. The new address is Długa Str. 25!


Thuesday, 5 March 2019
19:00 - 00:00
WEJśCIóWKA, Plac Teatralny 1, Toruń, Poland

Podkoziołek is the last dance event before Lent. Traditionally, in Kujawy, it was preceded by walking with a goat. The traditional Kuyavian goat can include: goat, horse, bear, stork, young couple, grandfather, baba, chimney-sweep, or firefighter. Just be a favorite character. Ave Podkoziołek Śledzikus organized by a n obrotów group continues this tradition. At the potańc you will be able to dance kujawiaks, polska, schottis, oberek, avant deux, slangpolska, bourrees, circles, branle, mixers, valses and wiwats from Poland and from many different corners of Europe - all from the old tradition and newer balfolk habits.

Coars program of podkoziołek:

19:00 – walking after goat and sour soup in a meat or veggie version
20:00 – disguisers review and posłuch podkoziołek
21:00 – dance competition in bond pairs
22:00 – disguisers competitions: inspired by traditional Kujawy costumes and disguisers from goat procession
24:00 – herringus, herring-up, top, stop, post

Walking after goat
Priority to enter Ave Podkoziołek Śledzikus will be given to people who gain the courage of a short walk, find one of the festive monstrosities in the Old Town, in particular a goat and take a selfie with them (a common photo usually with the front camera). You can show off with your selfie at the entrance to the Wejściówka, or add them to the discussion at the event.

Sour soup and balfolk (potańc)
In the Wejściówka cafe, a folk ball of the Kuyavian people will take place, during which, however, we do not avoid news from the world. Kujawiaks will be danced in full suit, shots, Polish, re-passions, bourrées, slangs, circles and walls. After a previous self-exploration walk, you will be able to have a special sour soup in two versions - meat and veggie. The sour soup will be tasty.

Posłuch Podkoziołek
The essential part of the traditional Podkoziołek program was a maiden dance with one special shepherd and then with a beloved boy for a prior small fee for the musiciens. It's worth to take some coins in advance. There will be singing and a lot of dancing. We provide the right grade of shepherd, and the aggregandado will play for dancers. The songs will be performed by singers company of n obrotów.

Dance competition in bond pairs
Selection of the best couples dancing well and interestingly. The intended repertoire will be popular Polish, Swedish, Portuguese and Hungarian dances.

Kujawy costumes - inspira on
Get inspired by the traditional Kuyavian costume and create your own outfit that will draw upon traditional. It's not so difficult! The best outfits will be selected by a group of those who know gathered in the jury.

Disguisers from goat procession
It's worth getting ready for Podkoziołka earlier and provide yourself with the right outfit. Among the themes strongly adhering to the Podkoziołek tradition are: * bear * stork * horse * bee * bride * chimney sweep * soldier * doll * mouflon * etc. * Other Your ideas for disguise are also very welcome. For the dressed up, we prepare competitions with prizes.

Potańc off: herringus, herring-up, top, stop, post
Etap prochain. It's good to have a Pelplin pattern with you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To keep the best dance experience with us we will be helped by prizes founded by great sponsors, who have thus joined in promoting the Podkoziołek Kuyavian tradition. These sponsors are: Malicorne, Centrum Modelowania Sylwetki Body Space Toruń, Mentor Sport, Małe Conieco u Kasi, Chwast Prast Vegetarian Bistro, LOKAAH and WEJśCIóWKA.

open stage - playlist for artists and bands:
We invite musicians and singers to participate in playing for dancers in the open stage! If you are able to perform dance tunes, you have prepared a repertoire for Polish, Swedish, French, Breton dances, or from other parts of Europe, and willingness to play or sing a few tunes for Potańc - you are welcome! In order to ensure a good quality composition of the performances in the Potańc program and for organizational purposes, please complete the short application form.

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To have full fan of dancing on the potańc, we invite you to learn dances.
If you would like to play traditional music to dance together with other musicians, come to the sessions.