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Mondays, 4, 11, 18 & 25 June 2018
20:00 - 22:00
WEJśCIóWKA, Plac Teatralny 1, Toruń, Poland

We invite you to join the common practice of playing traditional dance tunes. We play a traditional repertoire of Polish and Swedish dances as well as balfolk tunes. The session meetings are dedicated for both experienced in playing dance tunes and beginners. Dancers are very welcome at the session meetings too.

Looking for playing traditional tunes together!

Wednesdays, 13 & 20 June 2018
19:30 - 21:30
Studio DFNS, Rynek Nowomiejski 27, Toruń, Poland

We invite all willing to learn traditional dances for n obrotów dancing classes! In the classes we provide a dance explanation from beginner's and technical tips for already dancers. The plan for the meetings is related to n obrotów dancing parties and concerts to dance. It derives mostly from dance culture of Poland, Sweden and french balfolk. The program of meetings is as follows:

Admission conditions for one hour of classes:

Organizational guidelines:


Wednesday, 21 June 2018
Square in front of the City Hall, Podmurna Str., Toruń, Poland

The Music Day (Fête de la Musique) is a cyclic event that takes place around the world on June 21st, the first day of the summer. The original name in French, "Fête de la Musique" is a play of words, a homophone of the phrase "Faites de la musique!", Which became the leading call to participate in the event.
In Toruń among others we can listen to music by agregandado and musicians of Sessions of Traditional Dance Tunes organized by n obrotów. The musical performance is a part of the program of Święto Muzyki organized by Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna.

Letters TTMS mean the common playing of all the willing instrumentalists who gather every Monday at the cafe Wejściówka, and sometimes at the Carpe Kraft pub, to play melodies or play a simple accompaniment. It is a lot of pleasure for dancers as well as for musicians themselves.

Agregandado is an instrumental ensemble from Toruń, created to play dance music. Important attractors of the band’s esthetic actions are the traditional musical and dance cultures of Kuyavia and Kurpie on par with the Swedish and French culture, especially their Polish links. In Agregandado’s repertoire there are already polskas and slängpolskas, schottises, kujawiaks, wiwats, powolniaks and mazurkas, as well as various bal folk dances from many parts of Europe.

In the past, musicians and dancers became a unity. At the Music Day the dance tunes played by musicians will become full in the presence of dancers, whom we cordially invite! For the uninitiated, dancers of the n obrotów group will perform a special animation.