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Open stage: playlist for artists and bands

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We invite musicians and singers to participate in playing for dancers in the open stage! If you are able to perform dance tunes, you have prepared a repertoire for Polish, Swedish, French, Breton dances, or from other parts of Europe, and willingness to play or sing a few tunes for Sur-PreiS-Potańc - you are welcome!

On the n obrotów potańc musicians perform acoustic dance tunes unplugged, with no use of sound systems. Tunes played by musicians are dedicated to the dancers present on the dance floor in the number of one dancer, several chains, one long dancing procession, up to a few tens of couples.

In order to ensure a good quality composition of the performances in the Potańc program and for organizational purposes, please complete the short application form below.

In case of too many applications to the open stage, or a discrepancy stated by the orgnizers between the artist repertoire and the Potańc profile, we reserve the right to deny the possibility of performance. At the same time in advance, we are thankful for every interest and willingness to grace the n obrotów potańc by your performance and we invite you to participate creatively!

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